Welcome to OxanaCrafts! Handmade in Australia
Welcome to OxanaCrafts! Handmade in Australia
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About OxanaCrafts

     Welcome to OxanaCrafts! I'm Oxana, the sole designer and maker of all the jewelry pieces on this site. I wire wrapped my first gemstone in 2013 (it was not very good!) and the artform instantly became my passion. I continued to hone my skills and define my sense of style and technique over the next couple years, expanding my personal collection and making items as gifts. After frequently receiving compliments on the pendants I would wear and being asking where I bought them from, I decided to try my luck at monetizing my favorite hobby. With only the ambition to sell enough to cover the costs of materials – to make more jewelry of course! - I decided to post a few items to Instagram. Never could I have imagined what that has grown into.

     Having sold over 6,000 handmade pieces since 2016 I am astounded and humbled by the outpouring of support and positive response I have received from my customers. Wanting to share my love for this artform and help others experience the same enjoyment I feel while wrapping, I began posting tutorial videos to YouTube in 2015. The positive feedback received has been inspiring, especially when hearing stories from viewers who are so excited about the first piece they were able to create. I am thrilled to have exceeded 225,000 subscribers and 16,000,000 views in 2023 and am so grateful to be part of such an amazing wire wrapping community.

     OxanaCrafts is an Australian based company and I personally handmake all jewelry for sale in the store.

Thanks to everyone for your support!